Black history month

Michel Obama


I have enjoyed sharing some history facts on my social media during the month of February. With the team, we have learned a lot from the research, and also from your comments and reactions.


Some may wonder why is there such a thing as “Black History Month”? Is that relevant in all countries, or is more related to the Afro-American community? What does “being black” actually mean?


So many questions many of us have.


Black History month is a way to discover and bring forth a culture which has been oppressed for centuries. It started in the colonial times, and of course continued long after the abolition of slavery and decolonisation. It is perceived by western societies as a thing of the past, a thing that was solved centuries ago, when in reality, although there are today many countries which are still functioning in a very unequal discriminatory model. There are no laws, no explicit rules, but these societies have evolved keeping in place certain mechanisms, which many autochthonous perceive as the norm.


A little closer to us, the discrimination of what was and was not interesting to be kept from the Afro culture is still causing division and passionate debates.


Black history month is important, and in my opinion should exist for all cultures, because it is an opportunity to grow. To accept what the world has to offer, to honour those who came before us and have left a valuable legacy. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with history, and decide that we human beings, all together will value, honour and learn from each other’s differences.