Our team


 Thomas Ozer

Content Manager 

I was born in France and my parents are Turkish, so I grew up with both the French and the Turkish culture. As a kid I mostly only identified with my French side because I wanted to blend in, I was going to school there and I was mostly surrounded by children with French culture. As I grew up, I started to value my differences, to understand that they were my strength, and I was able to proudly say that I am French AND Turkish.

That played a role in my choice to join Books Color the World’s team in April 2021. I also wanted to contribute to give the brand more visibility by providing expertise in the digital field (content managing & web development).

I believe that diversity must be shown and valued from a young age and all along our lives in various fields (literature, TV, cinema, etc), I think that the keys to an inclusive society are knowledge and understanding.

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