Our Ambassadors

Marianne Anonnay
mother of 2

Originally from La Martinique (French West Indies), Marianne was born and raised in the Parisian suburbs. Only daughter (on her mother's side) of a single-parent family she has, for as long as she can remember, always wanted to be a doctor. She became an anaesthesiologist, a job that takes up a good part of her time. “Motherhood changed my outlook on life” says Marianne, “my children have raised me. Every day I learn and grow along with them. They have become my priority.” 

On her instagram account @les.fruits.de.ma.passion, she shares her vision on motherhood and education, education that she wishes to be as gentle, wild and free as possible. “It is my duty to install the right values and deliver the right messages to my children.”

Education is our main weapon to regain our humanity and hope to change the world!



Reine Ombiono
mother of 2

Reine is the founder of the blog young & mummy which supports, accompanies and helps young mothers to be amazing parents. She shares her experience to encourage those who need it.



Emily Helten
Mother of 1 (soon to be 2)

Emily, is a trained medical assistant. Proud mom of a beautiful daughter she is currently pregnant and looking forward welcoming her baby to complete her family.  Emily was born in Nigeria and has lived in Germany since she was twelve years old. “My life has changed completely since I was mom” she says, “and I share that on my Instagram account and give tips and tricks for a sustainable life.” I am a.



Emma Jonah
mother of 3

Emma is an environmental health worker. She also creates family contents on YouTube and on her own platform I share her easy- going motherhood journey. With her husband, they are intentional about raising their boys, their ultimate goal is to bring up happy confident children. She aspires to encourage other mums with her minimalist approach toward things which simply means living meaningful life with less.



Hawa Konaté
mother of 3


Hawa is a young mother of 3, and the founder of the blog mamanbitieuse where she talks about ambition and motherhood. She is also a business manager who created Salon HK - The project accelerator to help project leaders take action and find professional fulfilment. Former mother-student, she decided to use her voice to convey the message that women are strong and can change the world on their own way.



Maryline Feutching
mother of 2

Maryline invites everyone to change their outlook on Africa and its diaspora as well as on education. Through her experience and her introspection, she loves to move her community towards an Afro-futirist vision with mindfulness and humility. You can find her @suis_monregard on Instagram.



Laetitia Mianz


In a nutshell, Laetitia is a mindset speaker, soon to be a certified mindset coach who wants to help people to create their own vision and develop the life that fulfils them through well-being, personal development and sociology. She is also a community manager and content creator who gives advice on well-being on social networks through her program “Rs inside by lamianz”.